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Tango Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels

Tango Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels

Tango Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels

This is TangoTrailers.com, we are the place to find the latest news and product reviews on the full range of Tango Travel Trailers & 5th Wheels from Pacific CoachWorks. Here you can find and post reviews on new or used Trailers from Tango. We welcome your input and would very much like to know about your experiences, adventures and opinions on Tango Travel Trailers.

Do you own an RV from Tango Trailers? Did you own a Trailer from Tango? Would you like find out more about Tango Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels? We would love to here from you and help share your advice with other like minded RVírs.

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Tango Travel Trailer - Features
Pacific Coachworks' fun and affordable travel trailer

Travel trailer reviews can be as much about exposing construction details in an idyllic setting as they are about hitting the open road for a major shakedown. In this first look of the Tango 309BHSS, we kicked the tires, pulled up the cushions and looked under the cabinets to see if it had good bones. Because based on our experience, the trailer's value might have more to do with what's not seen, as it did with what was. Here's what we mean.

We're referring to the absence of particleboard construction in the Tango line. That's a good thing. This might seem trivial to some buyers, until the particleboard found in many trailers begins to rot and deteriorate
Particleboard is a cheap and commonly used alternative to plywood and other solid woods. Some RV manufacturers use particleboard in the kitchen and bathroom to keep production costs lower. While it offers a great savings for manufacturers, any sense of value is lost on the consumer who has to deal with the aftermath.

The roof ladder is standard...
We learned that Pacific Coachworks incorporates a wood hybrid called Lumbercore in the cabinets and a layered plywood for countertops, where it matters most. After all, particleboard and moisture don't mix...so bravo to Pacific. Lumbercore is the choice for Tango. LBC is a 5-ply construction material made up of 2 face veneers, 2 cross-band veneers
, and a solid lumber core. Its unusual strength and resistance to buckling, twisting or warping make it the ideal material for RVs, especially those suggest they are "family friendly." Another aspect we liked about the Tango 309BHSS also had more to do with function than form. Tango uses an aluminum-framed wall construction (not wood stick), insulated with R7 structural-block foam, then covered with a gel-coated fiberglass Lamilux 1000 skin that resists denting. Within the wall structure, Tango has galvanized steel backings at all interior walls and cabinet mounting points for improved fastener retention. The walls are mated to a one-piece molded front cap that is impact resistant Centrex plastic and extremely aerodynamic. Put it together with features like the radiused ceiling truss, seamless rubber roof membrane, cambered steel I-beam chassis, and OSB roof decking that can be walked on, and you begin to see Tango as a tough investment that is going to give you years of enjoyment. The soundness of Tango was even more apparent by the lack of body flex. And when you settled inside the plush interior of the 309BHSS we reviewed, there was a sense of calm and quiet that isn't typical of other affordably priced family trailers.

Pacific Coachworks
When industry veterans Tom Powell and Dane Found started Pacific Coachworks in 2006, their philosophy was simple; design and build excellence at an affordable price. After two years in business, they haven't strayed off course. If anything, Pacific Coachworks cranked it up a notch with customer service. This was not by happenstance. Tom Powell and Dane Found are RV industry veterans who understand the wants and needs of their customer base. By offering travel trailers like the Tango 309BHSS (MSRP $31,915 as seen here) Pacific Coachworks definitely filled the niche for families, husbands and wives, looking for an adventure without a steep price tag.
From the August, 2008 issue of Rvmagonline
Author: Larry S. Saavedra


Tango 256RKS Travel Trailer
We bought the 256RKS in the USA, just across the border. We were able to purchase for a good price in comparison to Canadian prices. Unfortunately the Canadian providers do NOT perform ANY warranty work on these units knowing they were purchased State side. What a "black eye" for Pacific Coachworks. VERY unfortunate as we have many friends who are interested in the Tango product but will not purchase if the warranty work has to be done in the USA. Pacific Coachworks should be acting on this ASAP as the Canadain dealers are being "greedy" and showing serious signs of being spoiled. I do not believe it should be their choice in servicing or performing "warranty work". Nice trailers with little fault. I believe the largest fault with this product is the poor application of sealants to all trims. I found gaping holes in the exterior metal trimwork which in turn has allowed water into the wall cavity and eventually into the flooring system. I have subsequently found rot in the front walls and store floor system. The belly had to be cut open to allow drainage of water and drying, removal of insulation, mold clean up and repairs. NOT very professional finishing(sealing and installation of trims)with poor re-inspection in the factory, I suspect. If the trim sealants are not maintained you can expect resultant interior damage which if left unchecked WILL result in MAJOR damage. If I had the control of this procedure, I would recommend a proficient seal to all trims. This alone would boost sales dramatically and give Tango a long-lasting good name. As it is now, I feel the product is superior in finishings to other units but the "same old trailer" in workmanship as others on the market. Make it work and excel in quality, sales and exposure globally. I will be viewing the new products as they are apparently lighter in construction? I am happy with our 2008 trailer but have had to put out a fair amount of $ in repairs and are left with less of a trailer in appearances. Too bad, so sad.
~ Review by Terry Schmunk June 2012

Tango Travel Trailer
We started with a 257 bunkhouse, which we liked very much. They just looked like good quality workmanship, which is what attracted us in the first place. This year we bought a 256RKS as we wanted a different floor plan, It seems great and Im sure that its built well. They are easy to tow and look good too, I'm sure that they will continue to build an interesting product, and we always check out the new models. We are seeing more and more of them on the highways. We bought ours both from Rosman Rv, and their service seems good.My only complaint is the mattress quality, which seems to be a problem in most towables, but maybe we are just fussy, oh well its long been changed. Happy towing.
~ Review by Bill and Heather Sudo November 2011

Tango 266RB Travel Trailer
We bought a 2009 Tango 266 RB and it has been to Alaska and back and toured Indian country twice now. We love it!
~ Review by Bob Wismer October 2011

Tango 256RKS Travel Trailer
2009 256RKS - Outstanding trailer! Spacious and comfortable with an excellent floorplan that maximizes the use of available space. Outstanding contruction, using top of the line materials providing superb comfort at an affordable price!
~ Review by Barry Riple September 2011

Tango 289BH Travel Trailer
We jumped through another hoop today and the financing has been approved for our new 2009 Tango Travel Trailer. We're another step closer to parking this behemoth on our driveway. Overall, we must have looked at over 25 different RVs over this past month. This particular Tango happened to be the very first one we saw when we started this journey. On that first day, it was shown to us as a high-end trailer with high-quality materials throughout. But the $33000+ CAD list price was a lot of money. The sales person showed us different trailers and configurations (even used ones) until we reached an entry-level double-bunk model with slides that was very reasonably priced. We left the lot that day with a handful of brochures and our heads about to explode.

We went to other RV dealers and looked at many more models and realized that there were certain things we liked and didn't like.... Some things just seemed to be standard issue so we didn't concern ourselves with items like a refrigerator, microwave, stove, oven, air conditioning, shower/toilet, awning, stereo/DVD player, and dinette.
Queen Bed for us
Bunk Beds for the kids
Sofa Bed
Comfortable Shower and Toilet
Lots of Well Organized Storage Areas
Must Feel Open and Spacious with or without a Slide
Didn't Likes
70's Era Decor
Old-Fashioned Looking Aluminum Sides
Cheap Looking Material and Finishing
Having to use the Dinette as a Sleeping Area
Of course, everything that we wanted also had to come under our maximum towing capacity of 7800 lbs.

We even got to look inside some legendary Airstream trailers. Those were truly beautiful with modern airy interiors and thoughtful designs. Unfortunately, even the smallest of Airstream trailers were reaching our towing limit. Oh, yeah, they also listed at over $70,000!

Tango brand trailers are built by Pacific Coachworks in Riverside, California. The quality of materials and construction and the abundance of storage areas as well as the large bunk area really drew us back to the Tango. Also, we decided that we didn't want a slide because it would add additional weight to the trailer and we wanted to be as compact as you could possibly be in a 30' trailer. So at the Coquitlam Center, when we saw that the Tango had been further reduced in price and after seeing all the other trailers at a higher cost even though the materials were inferior and the decor was beyond retro (venturing into grand-motherly), it was easy to take the step towards ownership. The Tango trailer also comes with exterior speakers and a power awning.
~ Review Posted on Stargazers Garage by Stargazer, April 2011